January 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

Hi all!

For January 2017 I’ve gone back to using a Bullet Journal as my planner. Here’s my current setup:


Right now I’m using an A5 dotted Leuchtturm1917 in lemon yellow and a .38 Pilot G2 pen in black. I attach the pen to the top of the notebook with a Leuchtturm1917 pen loop. The reason I like it at the top is so I can easily see any tabs and magnetic clips on the side and quickly turn to the next page. Also, putting the pen on the side crushes the side tabs.

Tickler Section 

The first 43 pages of my BuJo are my Tickler. This is a GTD concept that I’ve adapted to use in a notebook instead of file folders. The first 31 pages are for days 1-31 and pages 32-43 are for the 12 months in a year. This is a perpetual calendar so I need to reuse the pages. Because of this I do not write on my Tickler pages: I use sticky notes that I carry in a pencil case attached to the back of my BuJo. I use a Tickler in place of a Monthly Log and a Future Log.

Inline Section

The rest of the pages are for my Daily Log, Collections, and Notes (I differentiate between Collections and Notes because my Notes are not actionable and my Collections are). I do not write my Daily Log, Collections, and Notes on separate pages; I write everything inline with a divider line in between. I’m not sure why, but I greatly prefer this layout.

Fast FVP


To process my inline section I use Mark Forster’s “Fast FVP” system. I start with the first actionable item in the whole inline section, and, ignoring the line breaks,  process the entire section as if it it was one FVP list. That means all the collections are processed in between all the daily logs. I really like this because I usually write a collection and never look at it again except to add more to it. With collections being processed at the same level as my Daily Log I can never forget about them.
That’s my whole system for now. Feel free to leave any questions or comments. Thanks for reading!



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