GTD in My Bullet Journal (Part 1)


GTD, or Getting Things Done, is a system by David Allen. This post will cover how I’ve adapted GTD to my Bullet Journal Key.

GTD uses a workflow method when processing incoming “stuff.” I wanted to use this workflow in the creation of my bullets. Here’s a simplification of the workflow:

– Stuff comes in.
– What is it?
– Is it actionable?

Actionable Yes:
– Do it Now
– Defer it
– Delegate it

Actionable No:
– Reference
– Incubate
– Trash

You can read the book for more information on this workflow. There is also material online.


The Key

All incoming “stuff” captured in my bullet journal starts out with a dot.

When I get a chance to process, I look for all single dots and either mark them as actionable or not actionable (see picture). Then I process further according to the workflow.

When I’m done processing, I move everything deferred and incubated to the calendar. I move delegated items to a Waiting For list, and Reference items to specific collections or the calendar.

Note: I only used this Key for one day. It got too complex for my liking. I posted this for reference, in case anyone else can use it.



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